• To give voice to community issues important to the future development of Rocky View County.
  • Though factual information, education, better understanding and informed discussion, we foster an innovative, inviting, thriving, and sustainable County that balances agriculture with diverse residential, recreational and business opportunities.


  • We are forward looking, constructive and respectful of the diverse landscapes that make up Rocky View County.
  • We contribute quality ideas to appropriately manage growth, enhance quality of life opportunities and build inspired communities while holding true to values that honour the past and recognize our agriculture roots.
  • We help sustain and improve property values, seek to encourage fiscal responsibility, and encourage strong environmental stewardship.
  • We embrace the future, cognizant that Rocky View County must adapt to Alberta and Calgary growth in order to create a better tomorrow for everyone.
  • We foster healthy environments where diverse land owners can co-exist and even complement each other’s activities.
  • We increase understanding and acceptance of sustainable development practices and the importance of lifestyle preservation.


  • Improved fiscal, social and environmental sustainability
  • Innovative thinking
  • Collaborative engagement
  • Importance of local history and agriculture
  • Positive
  • Well managed, progressive growth
  • Preservation of existing lifestyles